These are my recent publications. You can also find my papers on arXiv and inSPIRE.

Gravitational wave probe of BSM,

1)        Boson Star from Repulsive Light Scalars and Gravitational Waves arXiv: 1810.01420

2)        Gravitational Radiation Background from Boson Star Binaries arXiv:1802.08259
Phys.Lett. B783 (2018) 158-162

3)        Hidden-Sector Spectroscopy with Gravitational Waves from Binary Neutron Stars arXiv:1711.02096
Astrophys.J. 858 (2018) no.1, L2

Neutrino probe of BSM,

4)        A new solar neutrino channel for grand-unification monopole searches arXiv:1803.02835

5)        Supernova Physics at DUNE

Summary of workshop "Supernova Physics at DUNE" held at Virginia Tech. Conference: C16-03-11.1. arXiv:1608.07853

Noncommutativity, geometry, and colliders,

6)        B-decay anomalies and scalar leptoquarks in unified Pati-Salam models from noncommutative geometry
JHEP 1809 (2018) 117  arXiv:1804.05844

7)        Pati-Salam Unification from Non-commutative Geometry and the TeV-scale WR boson,

Int. J. Mod. Phys. A31 (2016) 1550223. arXiv: 1509.01606                          

8)        On the Physics of the Minimal Length: The Question of Gauge Invariance

J. Mod. Phys. A 31, 1630012 (2016). arXiv:1602.07752                

9)        The 750 GeV diphoton excess in unified SU(2)L x SU(2)R x SU(4) models from noncommutative geometry

Mod. Phys. Lett. A 31 (2016) no. 18, 1650101. arXiv:1603.01756                

10)     Observable Effects of Quantum Gravity

Received honorable mention in the Gravity Research Foundation 2016 Awards for Essays on Gravitation. arXiv:1605.04361                

11)     The Higgs Mass, Superconnections and the TeV-scale Left-Right Symmetric Model

Phys. Rev. D 91, 045020 (2015). arXiv:1409.7574